Founder of Azibuyemasisweni Tourism Consulting Agency Maseru Madlala is paving the way by creating opportunities for black people in the industry.

Through a partnership with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, they have introduced the Development Programme for Unemployed Tourism Graduates – a six-month programme that educates and creates opportunities for people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We are in partnership with the department. We (are) doing a development programme for unemployed tourism graduates. We managed to place 25 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Cape Town through Azibuyemasisweni Tourism Consulting Agency,” Madlala said.

Madlala says her goal is to encourage and help young people to find employment in the tourism industry while creating businesses of their own. 

“Empowering young people with the skills to start their own businesses promotes the uniqueness of Africa as a destination. They then create jobs for future generations.”

She encouraged young people to never give up. 

“Financial problems can be overcome. The job market is tough, but there are still opportunities to create success. 

“You do not have to rely on somebody else to make your vision a reality, but persevere and do it yourself,” Madlala said. 

Her study of the SA tourism industry enabled her to realise that there was a huge gap in the industry for local communities to showcase their culture and lifestyle.

Madlala graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Travel and Tourism from the University of Manchester in the UK in 2008. 

She worked at the Gauteng Department of Culture and Recreation and saved enough to open her company, Azibuyemasisweni Tourism Consulting Agency, in 2012. 

Since then, Madlala has helped unemployed graduates from KZN, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. 

 “I want to empower black South Africans with the skills to start their own businesses that promote the uniqueness of Africa as a destination,” she said. 

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