Office etiquette differs from place to place, office to office. Whether you have your own office or not, following basic office etiquette rules helps things run a bit smoother. “As a general rule of thumb, I always advise people to be extra conscious in any workplace that requires you to share it,” says etiquette expert, Myka Meier. Simply put, having good office etiquette refers to being respectful and considerate of everyone around.

Office etiquette is the basic mannerism in the world of business. By implementing basic office etiquette, it helps to cut down stress, tension, and conflict between co-workers. Despite office etiquette being basic manners and courtesy, some people need to be informed on what can and cannot be done in the workplace.

Here are 5 simple tips for good office etiquette:

Keep your desk and space tidy. 

No one likes a messy desk as it could become a distraction to others. It also detracts from the professional image your company may be trying to establish. Try to keep your belongings confined to your personal space and try to keep it tidy and free from dirt throughout the day as well as before leaving work.

Be Tolerant 

Working in an open office environment brings a diverse group of people with different personalities. With so many diverse personalities, it is important to find ways to adapt. There will be times when people may not agree with you, but always make sure to keep an open mind.

Be a Team Player 

Being a part of a team or working with others may occur in many workplaces and career fields. Yes, it may be tough at times to get along with various people who have different personalities and this is why communication is key. Working in a team means different views, opinions and ideas, so take the time to listen to your colleagues’ views and opinions. You may not always agree with them, but it’s always best to keep an open mind and be respectful.

Meeting etiquette

Meetings occur in almost every workplace. When attending a meeting, make sure you are on time and that your phone has been switched to silent mode. Be sure to pay attention to whoever is leading or speaking in the meeting. This means no speaking or texting while the person is talking, it’s only polite to give your undivided attention to whomever is leading the discussion.

Noise and distractions to a minimum 

It’s probably not possible to have a dead silent workspace, but try and keep your noise level to a minimum. Speaking or shouting and playing music loudly can often create an annoying distraction to others in the workspace.

By including these basic office etiquette tips you could improve co-workers’ relationships. With fewer complications and tension between staff, it may result with an increase in productivity. Thus, by having a proper sense of office etiquette, it can inspire open minds that are inclusive to diversity.

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