TSC SRC President M Poopedi has told graduating students that their destination lay ahead and they dare not slacken.

He likened the stage at which the diplomandis were as akin to a car that had arrived at a petrol point after hitting a pothole on the way. “Graduation is not your final destination. You’re now at your petrol station,” he said.

It was vital thus for them to have a clear idea of what their destination was, said Poopedi who described the diplomandis as “destination chasers”.

It was not their lot to be petrified as they were conquerors, the SRC President added, noting: “You already have one foot in, don’t slacken.”

“Go out and feed the country. Change the current status in our country,” urged Poopedi, reminding them to go and change someone’s life by dedicating 67 minutes to a good cause on Mandela International Day, July 18.

He also encouraged those still studying to formulate a destiny for themselves. “I too have a dream, where the SRC, leaders and student activists grow the country and unite all the institutions and not depend on their background, culture, age or gender.”

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