SOCIAL media is a necessary tool when applying for a job, but it can also make you lose out. So, what should you do to use social media correctly when searching for a job?
Be careful what you put out online. If you think you have inappropriate photos or posts from friends, delete them. Also, make your account private so that only your friends can access it.

Once you start to apply for jobs, always try to use correct grammar and appropriate words. We are all guilty of sitting in glass towers laughing at the public profile fools, thinking our drunken snaps are safely hidden away from the prying eyes of the future employer.
However, did you know that anybody can see your tagged photos if whoever uploaded the album has made it public?

Putting your complaints out there for the world to see is never the way to go, especially when you have something unflattering to say about your job or your boss. Even when you think your posts are safe from your boss, a colleague might be able to forward it to him or her.

Even if that one comment does not hurt your job now, it could come back to haunt you later on in life. A future potential employer might see it and decide that you are not worth hiring since you badmouthed your employers in the past.
The typical career counsellor might advise you to stay away from bikini pictures, drugs, and profanity to avoid losing your job. Forget about those for a second and think about one of the biggest things that can damage your career – plagiarism.
This is a big deal, as plagiarism is completely unacceptable in the business world. It will follow you throughout your career, whereas a rant or two will not prevent future employers from hiring you. Plagiarising is like screaming: “I’m incompetent and lazy, and I lack integrity.”
Ask yourself, how can it benefit you – Social Media – before your start searching for a job.

Many people already have a LinkedIn account, but have not used it to their advantage. It is the most effective social media for job offer, so use it.
Through your LinkedIn profile, it is important to make inroads into your chosen industry. Do you have enough connections on LinkedIn or other social media?
More connection means more opportunities, so try to get as many connections as you can.

Lawrence Jugmohan is the head of Digital Street, Automation Engineer at Hollywood Bets

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