Seeking employment: The onus is upon you
THE need to solve youth unemployment is in the spotlight. Both the State of the Nation address and the Budget speech referred to job creation and unemployment as top priorities.
While it is encouraging that this crisis is being taken seriously by policymakers, young people may be tempted to sit back and wait for the government to create jobs for them.
That is a big mistake. Make yourself as employable as you can, and you will rise to the top when opportunities arise.
Here are seven tips to keep in mind if you are in the job market.

1. Volunteer your time

It is a catch-22 situation. You need work experience to get a job, but you cannot get a job without work experience.
Start volunteering. Volunteer your services at a local community centre, NGO or project.
It will add to your CV, increase your employability and let potential employers know that you are serious about being productive and personal growth.

2. Grab opportunities

In the current economy, you want to grab any work opening that comes your way, even if it is part time, badly paid and not your ideal industry.
Today it is all about work experience, and any job opens doors, creates networks and gives you a chance to move forward.
Any job takes you one step closer to your dream job and sets you apart from the crowd.

3. Stay active

A negative mental state will affect your ability to find a job. No matter how tempting, do not lie at home in your pyjamas all day watching television .
Get up, get dressed and move. Find an exercise form you enjoy. If you arrive despondent and negative at an interview, it will reflect in your body language and a potential employer will be unlikely to hire you.
Employers want positive, energetic staff who will add to the morale.

4. Upskill yourself

It cannot be overemphasised enough how important it is to keep developing professionally.
It does not only have to be an accredited qualification. There are dozens of free courses at local NGOs, as well as free courses online.
Again, it shows employers that you are driven and motivated and can take charge of your own development.

5. Go digital

Make sure you register your CV on every available career portal, including Lulaway.
Set up automatic alerts where you can be notified of new openings as they come up.
It does get repetitive and you may wonder if anything will come of it, but keep at it. Make sure to create a free email account and check it regularly Gmail is super easy to use and free.

6. Write an attractive CV

Your CV is the first thing an employer sees. Make it short, to the point and with correct grammar.
Get a friend or family member to check the grammar and spelling to make sure it is perfect. Good language skills are important for many jobs, and the fact that you took time and effort to present your CV well speaks volumes.

7. Brush up on your English

English is the language of most workplaces, and the better you can speak and understand it, the better your chances are of finding work.
Many jobs require good communication ability, so give yourself the edge. Make an effort to read English magazines, websites, newspapers and watch TV shows.
Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can.
Do not be shy to make mistakes. The more you practise the more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary.

Issued by Lulawa.

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