From the introduction of Google in 1998 to the advent of smartphones and the subsequent proliferation of social media platforms, digital technology and the internet have dramatically changed both our social and workplace environments.

What’s more, the fast and ever-increasing pace at which this technology is evolving is having its own effects, too – especially in the way in which we inform ourselves, communicate, connect and collaborate. 

Digital search engines have given us information at our fingertips, while email and other forms of electronic communication tools enable us to engage with people from all over the world right here, right now. 
The wealth of information and resources made accessible and instantly available through the internet has helped thousands of businesses to grow and has created almost as many brand new ones.

Technology has also, among things, eliminated the necessity of having to be in the same room as someone else in order to have a face-to-face experience with them. With the advent of Skype and videoconferencing, recruitment interviews can now be done across different venues and at the convenience of the employer and job candidate; and workplace teams located in different cities can strategise and collaborate in real time.

Through the use of websites and social media platforms, businesses can now instantly communicate with their employees and their customers, regardless of where in the world they may be. 
Some business have introduced the use of messaging or internal chat platforms so that staff members  – and particularly teams of people – can communicate instantly on shared projects or any issues that may affect business.

Some companies post their social events on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, often tagging their employees and thus reaching the employees’ friends and family, too. Reaching into employees’ networks can boost a company’s profile and create additional presence and mileage.     

Social media platforms have become powerful players in marketing and advertising, with most companies devoting the loin’s share of their budgets to digital branding and customer engagement.
Both in and out of the workplace, technological advancement and digital innovation have torn down the communication boundary – and look set to continue driving the evolution of how we communicate, connect and work together.

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