IT IS commonly known that South African teachers are well respected, globally. As part of MANCOSA’s mission to provide accredited high-quality education, the MANCOSA  School of Education has launched the Bachelor of Education degree, which responds to the local and global demand for highly skilled teachers. MANCOSA aims to produce quality educators who are able and committed to improve the overall education experience for students and shape the lives of South Africa children positively. Moreover, we strive to excel beyond the development of average teachers, to those who make an indelible imprint on their students’ lives.

What is the Bachelor of Education (BEd)?
It is an accredited four-year teaching degree, which allows graduates to teach at the Senior Phase (Grade 7-9) and the Further Education and Training Phase (Grade 10-12). This programme is the most suitable undergraduate programme for aspiring teachers as it provides a strong foundation in both subject specialisation and methodology. The BEd is the most coveted teaching qualification globally. Work Integrated Learning (WIL – Teaching Practice) is an overarching component of the BEd programme, which provides students with the tools for teaching in schools. Teaching practice allows the students an opportunity to observe and teach in a formal school setting. Most importantly, MANCOSA students will be supported by a team of highly experienced lecturers and support staff. Individual mentorship and guidance will be provided to ensure student success. There is limited space on this programme and students are encouraged to apply early to join the 2019 class of teachers in the making. Should you have any enquiries, please contact the PR on [email protected]

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