When all is ‘normal’ around us, life continues in a steady, predictable hum. Getting up every morning, getting children ready for school, heading off to work – for most of us, life follows a similar pattern, day in and day out, with only the freedom of weekend to mix things up a bit.

But what happens when our everyday existence is upended by an unexpected life event like a change of job or a move to a new city – or a global crisis such as Covid-19? Of course a huge change is often accompanied by anxiety, when so much is outside of our control. But if you’re in search of a silver lining, it’s that being forced to live and work in a different way can push us out of our comfort zone, compelling us to find new (and often better) ways of doing things. In essence, a crisis can spark innovation by forcing us to think creatively.

If you have been working a 9-5 job and have always wanted to start your own project or business, then now is the perfect time to do some planning because you probably have some extra time on your hands. And if you already have your own business, the changing circumstances might mean that you have to reimagine what you do.

Here are some tips to help you on your way:

Get the creative juices flowing

Visualisation is an incredibly powerful tool for inspiration. I know this might sound corny, but give it a try: take five minutes to sit quietly. Imagine that you’re putting yourself into a state of abundance, and visualise that your brain is opening up to allow ideas into your head. Picture your brain being a magnet for an abundance of ideas. You can get even more creative with this – for example, put on your sunglasses and imagine they are opening your eyes to the endless ideas streaming into your head.

Give an existing idea your unique twist

It’s true that every story in the universe has been told already, but not by you. It’s important not to get immobilised by the thought that every business idea is taken. Instead, use the hundreds of businesses that already exist for inspiration or to spark some ideas of your own. Work out how you can add your own unique flavour to what already works.

Take note of your ideas

The most innovative ideas can come to you at the weirdest times and places. Don’t let them slip away. That’s why I recommend that you always have a notebook or your notepad on your phone available. When an “aha moment” strikes you, make sure to note it down. Simple ideas have the power to become ground-breaking businesses.

Have productive conversations

Many ideas are the product of thoughtful conversations held with family, friends and colleagues. Your personal connections can be your greatest resource. Tap into the wealth of knowledge that surrounds you by talking though your ideas, asking for advice, and floating business ideas. Best of all? Technology means that physical distancing doesn’t have to be a barrier to meaningful communication.

Get reading

If ever there was a good opportunity to do some motivational and educational reading, it’s now. And the choice is astounding – no matter what area you want to work on, you’ll find help. Self-development books are an incredibly accessible way to access tools and tips to help you think differently, from a personal and business perspective. For the price of a good meal, you’ll gain access to a priceless amount of knowledge.

Yumna Aysen is a Life Coach. For more information, visit her Website

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