A former spokesman for a government agency has told General Studies graduands passing out at TSC to choose vocations they love and are well-suited to and to not be afraid to pursue new avenues.

Siya Magadla, a former spokesperson and committee member of the National Youth Development Agency and founder of the SME Sustainability Summit, said he had been brave enough to leave a relatively comfortable government job to launch himself as an entrepreneur.  “I’m well on my way to realising my vision,” he said and pointed out that he was relishing being an independent player in the property and media sectors.

The graduates received certificates for completing courses that include marketing assistant, marketing management, business management, management assistant and human resource management.

Magadla said there was need to confront the reality of a depressed economy and to realise that creating one’s opportunities was key although not everyone would succeed as a businessperson.

“It’s not enough for us to hold on to our degrees, thinking we’re going to make it,” Magadla noted.

“You must not just wait for a breakthrough, you must create your own breakthrough,” he said.

He also cautioned the new graduates against despairing, saying competency, composure and a good track record would put them in good stead in the job market.

He also said although most of them had not secured jobs yet, things were not very bad for graduates in the marketplace as compared to those without qualifications.

It was thus important for them to re-invent themselves, just as he had done, he said.

Magadla holds a B. Tech Jourbnalism from TUT among other qualifications.

For him, the change happened while he was on internship at a newspaper in the Eastern Cape. He described that spell as the worst time of his life. Thereafter, he decided that the newsroom was not for him and turned his energies to more fulfilling pursuits.

“If you’re not happy with where you are, you must be able to reinvent yourself and re-establish your priorities,” he said.

Magadla invited graduates interested in becoming entrepreneurs to attend the SME Sustainability Summit being held at Joburg Theatre on 30 and 31 July.

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