With the new decade in full swing and most people recovering from the holiday season, it’s
understandable if your body is still adapting to being at work. You might even find yourself
stumbling into work, feeling unmotivated and guess what, we’ve all been there before.

When people find themselves in these moments and this goes for people who love their jobs
as well, they often have trouble pushing themselves to work at their highest capabilities. Even
the most positive of us can hit a wall occasionally and find ourselves wondering off as soon
as the demotivation kicks in.

Starting something can be the hardest thing because any task requires more motivation than
continuing the task once you have momentum and focus. Truth is, it’s much easier to set goals
than to get them done.

However, if you do find yourself in a rut and struggling to keep your fire lit, here are a few
simple tips on how you can get back into the swing of things.

Plan out your entire day 

Planning out your day can be quite helpful especially when you have a massive workload.
This will not only give you structure but it will also decrease feeling overwhelmed. Begin by
writing out a daily routine and structure and set aside specific hours of the day for specific

By creating a guide and planning your day beforehand, will allow tasks to be more
manageable. You can do this by setting up a calendar as well as reminders on your phone.

Set goals and stick to them 

Many people head straight to their desks and immediately start on the work or tasks that
they’ve been assigned, without knowing what the actual goals are. Therefore, without
identifying and setting a goal, it can often lead to spending more time on tasks that may not
be a priority. Instead, you should clarify what your objectives are and focus on them being
your end result. 

When it comes to managing your workload, making lists are helpful as well. By dividing
each task, it makes them smaller and more manageable. Thus by having quick tasks to
accomplish, makes it easier to stay motivated.

Create a motivating work playlist 

Having a certain playlist every time you work on a task can really help a lot. It has the ability
to get you in the right mindset and even help you feel more relaxed. When you might be
feeling down, unmotivated or anxious, music has the ability to let go of some of these

Remember your “why” 

When it comes to motivating yourself, nothing is more motivating than reminding yourself
why you’re doing the work in the first place. It is crucial to stay in touch with what inspires
you because it will help showcase your vision.

Stay Positive 

Lastly, stay positive. As anyone will tell you, failure is inevitable. However, it’s how you deal
with failure that determines whether you will be successful or not.

Whether you fail or not, regardless of what others might say, always try to accomplish your
goals instead of learning to make any negative comments. Try not to let other people’s
success get you down and rather focus on your own strengths and not dwell on your

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