Diploma in Public Management and Administration

  • Field of interest: Public Service and Administration
  • Location: Kwa-zulu Natal
  • Type: Part Time
  • Qualification: Diploma
  • Duration: 5 years part-time and tuition is face to face
  • Price: Enquire at your nearest ICESA CITY CAMPUS

About the course

The Diploma in Public Management and Administration aims to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to perform effectively in the corporate arena. This qualification was developed in partnership with industry to meet their needs and produce employable students with relevant skills in the field of Public Management. The qualification promotes understanding of the value that Public Management can provide to society, and the economy at large. Due to the ongoing transformation process, career opportunities in government are expanding and there is a great demand for skilled civil servants. The public sector in South Africa is notorious for poor service standards and the poor delivery of services. The Diploma in Public Management and Administration was created in line with national objectives regarding the shortage of skills within the industry and in response to real needs: local, regional and national.

Contact inquiries:  031 307 7071 / 033 342 9737

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