Diploma in Marketing Management

  • Field of interest: Business & Management
  • Location: Kwa-zulu Natal
  • Type: Part Time
  • Qualification: Diploma
  • Duration: 5 years part-time and tuition is face to face
  • Price: Enquire at your nearest ICESA CITY CAMPUS

About the course

Marketing is a core component of any modern business. Marketing is how a business communicates with its customers and how a business establishes a brand and an identity. Marketing has assumed a greater role in the business world today. In order to survive the dynamic environment most organisations are turning to marketing in order to remain competitive.

The purpose of Diploma in Marketing Management is to introduce the learner to the world of marketing. Marketing as a function in a company, plays a crucial role. The success of every business today lies in marketing because it involves the anticipation and identification of customer needs and satisfying them profitably. It is the umbrella which covers aspects such as advertising, publicity, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling and sponsorships.

Contact inquiries:  031 307 7071 / 033 342 9737

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