When it comes to job searching, almost everyone who works will have to face a choice between a contract or a permanent job at some point. Companies use different types of employees to meet various labour requirements. When it comes to permanent and contract positions, there are major differences in employees.

Both types of employment consist of pros and cons. Contract employment can include a variety of different positions ranging from temporary positions to freelance positions. Contract jobs are usually jobs that are available for a set period. They can last anywhere from a few weeks to months and even years. Another major difference between contract and permanent employment is the salary.

Most contracts pay hourly with no benefits. Depending on your position, the hours you work may differ as well. You may have to work 9 to 5 everyday, work remotely or simply come in a few days a week. However, all terms will be set for you at the time you sign your contract.

In terms of benefits and time frames between the two, a contract worker will work for a business on a finite basis, which generally means that their employment has a time frame. A permanent employee, however, has no set date. An advantage of having a permanent job is that it offers the employee job security, whilst making them eligible for benefits that may be offered by the employer.

When it comes to the hiring process between permanent and contract positions, it lies in the necessity of each kind of worker. When hiring a contract employee, the major focus is based on the workers’ specific skills and the ability to perform a task, whereas, a permanent worker’s growth potential and the ability to integrate into a team would be the main focus.

When it comes to making the decision between the two choices it’s not as straight forward. However, making the choice can be made easier by weighing and comparing the packages, benefits and consciously assessing which one would suit your lifestyle.

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