BAD BEHAVIOUR in many companies has got way out of hand. The downfall is that many people are not even aware of their offensive activities, or worse they just do not care.
Here are 12 definite office don’ts for everyone, even if you are the boss. If you think you are perfect, you will probably do yourself a favour by reading this every once in a while just to make sure you are being respectful of others.
If you happen to notice some of this offensive behaviour, perhaps you can post anonymously or pass on this list to the offenders hoping that they will get the point.

1. Sending emails you wouldn’t want your boss to see
If you are considering sending something offensive, sloppy or asinine, do not. In the wrong hands it might hurt the company’s reputation and your own.
Never assume that your email, even your personal email on company wifi, is private. It is not.

2. Gossiping about coworkers
Whatever information you are spreading will not make anyone look as bad as you make yourself appear for being the nasty and uncaring messenger.

3. Spending hours on your social media
You are being paid to be productive, not play games or catch up with an old high school buddy.
Unless it is part of your job, your social media activities should be saved for lunch or break times. And even then, use your phone and stay off the company computers for personal activity.

4. Lying to make yourself look good

Technology makes it easy to exaggerate your credentials. It also makes it easy to find out the truth. Small lies will hurt you in big ways and someone will always bring the truth to light.

5. Coming to work when you’re very sick

Your commitment to your job is admirable, but do not prove that you are a good worker by exposing the whole office to your flu.
Work from home if you can, just do not bring your germs into an otherwise healthy workplace.

6. Flirting with your boss, colleague or employee
Office romances make for exciting television, but more often than not they lead to awkward situations and even lawsuits.
Keep your dating to your off hours. If you cannot find someone easily, there are online sites you can use.

7. Responding when you’re angry
The only thing more stressful to your body than anger is the guilt and fear of repercussions for taking out your anger in the office.
Find ways to take a break and control your anger so that you act reasonably and professionally.

8. Disrupting people from their work
Just because you want to laze off, it doe not mean that others have the same lack of work ethic.
Respect other people’s right to pursue advancement. Many people use headphones to signal that they are unavailable to chat because they are either listening to something important or they are in the zone.
Respect their space and send an email or wait until they take their headphones off.

9. Having your ringtone loud
There is no reason to let your phone ring out annoyingly loud.
If you are expecting a call, keep your phone on vibrate in your pocket, or silenced on your desk where you can see it ring. There is nothing more infuriating than someone else’s “silenced” phone buzzing loudly on their desk from every text they receive.

10. Making your personal life the office focus
Yes, you are a human being and that means you have feelings. But learning to control when and where those feelings are expressed is key.
Not everyone wants to hear about the latest chapter in your rocky relationship drama. It may be worth mentioning to your boss if something serious happens, like a death in the family or a divorce.
Otherwise, make sure you are not letting your feelings run you when you should be concentrating on the task at hand.

11. Creating conspiracies
When you instigate a disruption in a team atmosphere, you accomplish nothing but low morale and productivity.
Be forthright with the team and work to solve problems instead of creating them.

12. Whining or yelling at anyone
Things can get frustrating at times, but there is never justification for acting like a child.
Harness your inner adult and remain calm, rational and pleasant in order to get the problem solved.

Lawrence Jugmohan is the head of Digital Street, Automation Engineer at Hollywood Bets.

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