FOR many parents, working from home can be a source of stress instead of a time of
rest. With children no longer at school, many parents choose to work from home to
juggle both work and childcare.

In South Africa, the economic climate and the decrease in traditional family support
has meant that many workers have no choice but to work from home when a child is

But productivity can suffer with family, pets and noisy household appliances found to
be the main reason working from home is not all it is made out to be.
The 2019 Global Workspace Survey, conducted by flexible workspace provider IWG,
found that interruptions from children or other family members is the biggest obstacle
faced by professionals who work from home.

The study found that 62% are distracted by family demanding attention when they
work from home.

The second most common complaint of people who work from home is having
professional calls interrupted by children, family and pets (45%).

• Children or family demanding attention (62%);
• Children, family and pets disturbing work telephone calls (45%);
• Difficulties accessing office equipment (printer, fax, photocopier) (43%);
• Household noise such as bell ringing, washing machine, dishwasher (32%);
• Pets demanding attention (25%).

Supplied by Go Content Lab on behalf of IWG.

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