Smart ways to find your next job

WHETHER you recently lost your job or are ready to jump ship, the chances of your getting a new position through the job ads is difficult. The good news is that there are many other avenues to look to. You can start by updating your CV and your professional social networking profiles, and sign up with job seeker websites such as Talent360, then come up with a brief pitch, highlighting what makes you special, that you can tailor as you approach potential contacts.
Here are the best ways to harness it in your job hunt

Engage your network

Everybody knows somebody. Within your existing network there are probably three jobs that would be appropriate for you, but the people who could help open doors to those jobs just have not thought of you.
Make a list of everyone you know. Set a goal to get in touch with a few people you have not talked to for a year or more. Meet one of them for coffee or lunch.
Identify some of the most influential people in your network and brainstorm ways to strengthen your relationships with each.

Connect with alumni
We generally like people who have something in common with us, who share the same values or hobbies, or have gone to the same school. Call the alumni in your region, go to meetings and grow your network.

Attend events
These include ones hosted by charities and professional organisations. Talk to unfamiliar people at every meeting who you have not met yet.
If you can get the list of attendees beforehand, identify at least a couple who you would like to meet and make arrangements to connect there in person. Without imposing, look for an excuse to follow up by meeting again or getting a referral to someone else.

Using professional social networks to maximum effect
Professional/career-based social networks can be a powerful tool to easily connect with the right people. Search your target market based on your industry, qualifications, university and interests, and connect with the people who interest you.

Check job boards
Many companies and recruiters use them to find the right candidate. Define the top job boards for your skill set and put your CV there.
Choose a catchy, succinct headline that encourages the reader to open the attachment.
Many show when your CV was last updated. To avoid getting shifted deeper into the pile of applicants, update it weekly.

Contact headhunters
Senior level professionals are recruited almost exclusively through recommendation or by headhunters.

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