As the country recovers from devastating economic setbacks the global pandemic has caused, many South Africans have been left with permanent salary cuts, unemployment and retrenchment. However, as the nation makes its economic recovery, perhaps it’s time to manifest and plan your next big career move.


No matter what career you may find yourself in, somewhere down the line, you’ll find yourself making a career change. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or simply choosing a different career path, having a career plan is crucial in figuring out your next steps.


Here’s a 3 step guide to help you plan your next career move:


  1. Self Reflection


When it comes to your career path, it’s easy to neglect reflecting on your career especially when you’re caught up in the job hunt. However, setting time aside to assess and think about your current situation, is crucial in creating a productive career plan.


Research has also shown that the key to success is reflection, as it has the ability to increase productivity and performance. However, besides reflecting on your career, you should also be reflecting on yourself, your values, interests and skills.


Once you understand yourself, your goals and your passion will you be able to create a plan that aligns with yourself and your lifestyle.


  1. Set Goals


Once you’ve done some self-reflection, you’ll be able to identify which career path you want. Now, you just need to figure out how you’re going to get there. When it comes to setting goals, first identify what kind of goals you want to create. By sharing and writing down your goals, you’ll not only give yourself a sense of accountability but you’ll also be cementing them into your long-term memory.


Once your goals have been set, it’s time to develop a plan. This allows you to identify your interests, skills and what you need to do to get where you want to be.


  1. Explore further career options


While it may be impossible to plan everything in your career, it’s at least good to know where you’re heading and what career paths are available to you. 


Despite fewer job opportunities being available, growing your skills and work experience should still be a top priority. By continuing to grow your skills and work experience, you’ll be able to broaden your experience or perhaps even find a mentor within a field that interests you. 


To view South Africa’s latest jobs in demand for 2020 click here.


While facing the harsh reality of unemployment can take its toll on your physical and mental health. Remaining positive and motivated can help you overcome the hurdle of unemployment. 


A new year means new possibilities and new goals, so why not put your best foot forward and start planning your next career move. 

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