ARE you tired of letting your fears keep you from achieving your goals?

As a marketing intern at a small company, Lihlumile Mrubata remembers how daunting she used to find searching for a job. Stacy London, the American fashion consultant and magazine editor, said: “Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying out new things.”

Mrubata said that experience taught her that the trick is to harness your inner enthusiasm and letting go of fears that hold you back.
“Applying for a job is overwhelming and scary; regardless of how qualified you are for the post or what experience you have. “For me, it has always been about sharing my passion and interest in a particular position and company and what attracts me about it, regardless of not meeting all requirements.

“I strongly believe that this bit emphasises the positive attitude and hard work you will bring to that workplace every day and trust me, it gets considered,” she said. Mrubata says it was her determination and enthusiasm that led to her getting a better position within a short period of time. Nine things that hold us back from applications, and ways to eradicate those fears.

1. Fear of not being skilled
The first thing is to be honest with yourself. Perhaps you are a year short of the experience that is required.
If that is the case, you go for it and persuade the recruiters that you will be equal to the task.

2. Being afraid of the unknown
Let us face it. Thinking of your first week, first tasks, and what kind of person your supervisor is can be quite overwhelming.
But having a vision of your future will help you take the first step and tackle that fear.

3. Failure
The fear of failure can hold us back from achieving what we want, but no use of drawing attention to that.
Instead, focus on the things you can manage.

4. Rejection

The fear of getting an unsuccessful application response from a workplace can be disappointing.
But stay positive and draw attention to the positive qualities that make you a great fit.

5. Fear of change

At times we come across vacancies that do not match our qualification. Perhaps the post does not require much, just a grade 12 and some communications skills. Don’t be discouraged by change if you are desperate for job and to earn something.

6. Expectations

This fear can cause a little bit of nervousness, as you are trying to think of the work you can put in, and what potential employers will think. But self-trust is a characteristic that will keep you going.

7. Losing control
Zoning out on the things you think you will not be able to do will only stress you out.
Believe in yourself and remember that success and hard work are transferable qualities.

8. Interviews
Thinking of difficult interview questions that will be asked, or even not being prepared can be a scary feeling. Especially if you try your luck for a job post not exactly what you are qualified in.
But always try best to tackle your anxiety with confidence

9. CVs
The fear of thinking/convincing yourself that your CV does not look suitable for a specific job often causes a big problem making one think twice of applying.
Comb through the job description and make sure it matches your CV’s background.
Then, get a second pair of eyes to read through it.

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